Powerful monetization suite for Publishers

Our unique mix of products focusses on delivering value at three stages of media selling process- Create custom ad formats, Monetize and Optimize key metrics important to you. You can also implement our comprehensive Header Bidding Solution to bypass the waterfall and maximize yield.

Header Bidding

Header Bidding technology reinvents the way you sell your inventory, allowing you to host simultaneous auctions for each impression and receive all advertisers bids at the same time.This allows you to improve your CPM’s with premium and unique demand.

Sounds great, but in reality the implementation process may require substantial ad ops and dev resources, while achieving substantial revenue uptake depends heavily on the dedicated yield team.

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Custom Ad Formats

Capitalize on untapped revenue opportunities throughout your website. With one single tag and no hard coding, Our software creates and monetizes dynamic display, video, and native ad products across all devices.

Our ad products supplement the existing ad placements you already have on your website and are highly customized to fit specific page layouts and preserve user experience. Each ad product appears in the right place at the right time for the right user.

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