Header Bidding Solutions

Bypass the traditional waterfall and maximize the yield across all demand, at the impression level with a single tag plug in solution

Auto setup of Bidders

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do the best.Our platform automates the manual process involved in your ad server from setting up bidder partners to line items & everything else and also allows you to control the same from a simple user interface.

Wrapper Generator

You can choose from the list of bidder partners from our list or add bidder adapter parameters from your partners in the interface, to generate a single piece of JS to go in the header of the page. Enable or disable any bidder partners from a simple user interface.

Bidder Adapter

If you already have a wrapper set up, A direct integration into a publisher’s existing wrapper that allows Automatadx's private market place demand to compete in real-time against the publisher’s current demand stack.

Optimization Suite

Our platform optimizes for everything, starting from network, latency, time out for bidder partners & even dynamic floor set up to make sure publishers get the maximum yield from the partners.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage and track the performance of your inventory with a simple interface. Enable/ Disable bidder partners, Change bid sequence set up, drag & drop ad insertion & everything that you imagine can be controlled from a single dashboard.

Centralized Analytics

Access enhanced analytics per demand source and track key stats to better manage your header bidding partners.Bidder bid/win price analysis by demand source, geo, domain, with price range, distribution, Bid latency by bidder, demand source, geo, and domain.


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