Segment Based Media Activation

Activate media types based on the segments and the campaign objectives. Create sequential messaging campaigns against specific audiences to have the highest impact. Our platform guarantees you the opportunity to execute activations to have the highest impact against your targeted audience.

Sample demo of how Etihad did sequential messaging and media activation across devices against specific audiences.

1. Choose a screen size

2. Choose a segment Client: Etihad

Objective: Branding / Feature promotion.
Creatives: 160X600 / 300X250 / 320X50 / 300X600

  Client: Etihad

Objective: Branding / Feature promotion
Creatives: 728X90 / 300X250 / 320X50

  Client: Etihad

Objective: Performance
Creatives: 320X50 / 728X90 / Out stream video

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