Ad Formats that Convert

Create and monetize highly tailored custom ad products.Capitalize on untapped revenue opportunities throughout your website. With one single tag and no hard coding, Automat-ad creates and monetizes dynamic display, video, and native ad products across all devices.

Custom Revenue Opportunities

Our technology scans multiple page elements in real time to detect the under monetized articles. Once such an opportunity is detected, additional placements are created and yield optimized ads are served, generating new, additional revenue.

Dynamic Revenue Optimization

Our dynamic yield optimization platform works across all major RTB exchanges and demand sources, to ensure maximum revenue for our publishers.Our dedicated team of Publisher Development Managers works with each client to fully understand their inventory and unlock maximum value in the market.

In-house cross promotions

Use our platform to cross promote your own network of sites/Campaigns and drive traffic to your products or run a direct campaign from your own ad sales team. Prioritize promotions using a combination of frequency capping and placement tags and multiple demand.

Control Center

Our Dashboard is your central command to manage and control all the formats across the entire website on the push of a button.Flexible ad delivery options (set your floor price, utilize pass-back tags) & Control capping and optimization gives you full control of the ad experiences without having to touch your code.


Demand from our private market place.

Access to demand from our private market place Automat-adx.Incremental demand in a brand safety controlled programmatic environment with vertical and horizontal campaign at scale. Easy and incredibly fast with just a few lines of code to deploy and a fully serviced and API driven integration.

Robust Analytics

You can view all performance data through our dashboard. Understand performance of
individual formats across different countries, ad units and placements.
Flexible ad delivery options (set your floor price, utilize pass back tags)


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